Your front door serves as the first introduction people have to your home and in some cases to you. Your front door can be welcoming, inviting people to come in and enjoy your hospitality, or unfriendly, making people wonder whether they will be well received. The design and colour of your front door also makes a statement about who you are and even improves the curb appeal of your home, especially if you are looking to sell. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure that your front door sends the right message by choosing the right colours and design. Below are a few of the best colours you can choose for your front door:

  1. Sunshine Yellow:this colour will help to keep both you and your guests’ moods elevated regardless of the weather. Walking up to a door painted this colour will bring to mind warm summer days, yellow daisies, happy days on the beach and other sunny memories. Pair it with a muted colour like slate grey or eggshell blue in order to tone down the warm hues. 
  1. Inviting Lavender: An unusual lavender colour will give your home a feeling of whimsy and make it easier for visitors to approach your home. Reminiscent of lavender fields, this is a beautiful colour that puts guests at ease and also allows you to get the feeling that you are entering a magical wonderland just by going in the front door. 
  1. Earthy brown: Rich, brown tones give off a welcoming, down to earth and homely feel, inviting visitors to come in and make themselves at home. Brown also lends itself well to pairings with natural wreaths and other flower arrangements for an even more inviting look. 
  1. Breezy turquoise: Use this colour to create a seaside mood reminiscent of ocean breezes, clear skies and cool blue waters. Set it against a backdrop of whitewash for the quintessential beach cottage feel. 
  1. Emerald green: This beautiful jewel toned colour will bring a forest feel to your home, bringing to mind long walks in the woods, the smell of pine cones, the earthy feel of decomposing leaves and other woody scents. This green produces a sense of calm and tranquillity that is sure to make guests feel welcomed and comfortable.

Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or other part of Australia, you can find the right door to make your house as welcoming or as private as possible. Taking the time to research available options and seeking help from a professional decorator will help you ensure that you find the right door in no time at all.