How to maintain your timber doors for the years to come

Timber is considered to be the strongest among all the woods, having a door made from timber makes the door stronger and beautiful. With time even timber door develops rough surface and the paints get stained. So it is very important to maintain the door in good condition. A perfectly maintained timber door will last for many years and will add to the decorative appeal of your house. A well-maintained timber door will create a good impression on guests who come to our house. Moreover, it will increase the net worth of the property. Let us point out the common problems that can damage the timber doors and then move to the solutions.

Common Problems For Timber Doors.

  • Moisture- The most damaging factor for a timber door can be moisture. It is caused by intense sunlight and the accumulation of dirt on the wood. These factors degrade the overall finish of timber doors.
  • Bad weather- Frontal wood doors that are not properly protected by porch or overhang are prone to weather damages.
  • Pest- The pests are the most challenging factor for the wood’s maintenance. In absence of paint or varnishes, pests attack the door and make it their home. Inside the wood, they grow in number and destroy the door internally.

Tips For Timber Door Maintenance.

  • Cleaning the door- Prior to repair work, we should clean the timber door and remove dirt and dust. We can use the sandpaper for cleaning the door. Sandpaper removes all the uneven portions from the door’s surface. The sooner we start the repair of the timber doors, the longer it lasts.M
  • Apply primer- To increase the age of the timber doors it is crucial to coat the door with primer. Adding more than one coat of primer is preferable for a better outcome. Once the primer dries, we can paint the entire door.
  • Varnish vs Paint- Varnish or stains are more preferred than paint by many people. They are more suitable for door protection. If we are opting for paint, using light colour paint over dark is advisable. Dark colour absorbs more sunlight and hence makes the door weaker.
  • Door replacement- However, if the timber door is completely damaged and merely coating it with paint or varnish is not working, door replacement can be the last option. A new timber door can cost more but it is a one-time investment.

The above-mentioned tips will keep the timber doors in good condition for years to come. If a door is protected from moisture and bad weather, we can expect the door to last more than 30 years. The more we keep our timber doors away from damaging factors, the longer it will last.