Our Simple Process.

Canon Doors & Shower Screens has always been about simplicity. Our products are simple to use, are easy to install and our services are easy to obtain. We understand that when it comes to installing doors of all sorts (like security doors, timber doors) or having the right shower screens for your home, there are a lot of options. This makes things confusing, as you don’t really know what you want, what works for your home and what works for you.

This is where our simple and easy process eliminates all confusion and concerns. Our aim has always been to provide you with the right product for your home, regardless if its custom wardrobes or pool fencing. We don’t just want to give you what we have in store. We want to give you what you want and need.

The Consultation.
We understand your creative tastes and your budget. That is why in our first consultation, we will listen to your ideas and your requirements. With the vital information in our possession, we will provide you with some recommendations that meet up with all your needs and wants. This process can be done over email, the phone or if you visit us at our showroom. Within reason, we can even make house calls to discuss your plans.

The Supply.
With our strong selection of doors and shower screens, we will show you our options and how they work with your ideas. If there is something you want that takes your eyes away, then take it! We have a wide selection available for your choosing.

The Installation.
With our four decades of experience, you know that we have all the techniques and skills to fit your door into your home. Our installation is effective, efficient and aimed at getting your chosen product perfectly installed for the long-term.

The Post-Installation.
We are always happy to provide you with advice and tips for maintaining your doors and shower screens. We will help you with any concerns or issues if you need it after installation.