The Types of Shower Screens For You.

Shower screens are a vital part of your bathroom – namely your shower – as it stops water from spreading all over your bathroom. But which shower screen is the right for you? Just like most home appliances, there are plenty of options for your choosing. As providers of all types of shower screens, we got the different type of shower screens for you:

The Fully Framed.

This is considered the most classic look of all shower screens. This basically means that the glass frame is installed with a panel holding it all together. It is also considered the most effective, due to its simple installation and simple management.

The Semi-Frameless.

This is the “in-between” of options. This means that the shower screen glass is only partially held together by a panel; the rest is free to stand on its own. This is half-way of a trendy and clean look, as it appears less bulky without the panels.

The Fully Frameless. 

The full-fledged option where there are no glass panels at all. The glass of the shower screens are held together with clamps and fixings. A very popular option for people looking for a sleek, minimalist design. Considered the latest trendy shower screen option.

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