Your Shower Screen Options.

When it comes to shower screens, there are plenty of options from. It all depends on how much space you want, what type of atmosphere you are trying to create in your bathroom, and the type of design you are looking. As providers of top quality shower screens throughout Melbourne, we have the the list of shower screen options for you.

  • Fixed Panel.
    This type of option actually doesn’t have a door, just a panel of glass that is stuck in place. These are used for showers that have a walk-in.

  • Fixed & Swing Doors.
    Basically this option means that your shower has a door that is fixed in place and will swing open. Very common for a traditional look and a bathroom will lots of space to take up.

  • Sliding Door.
    The title of this option speaks for itself. The door will slide side to side to open and close it, and is best for bathrooms where space might be an issue.

  • Pivot Doors.
    This type of option will see the shower screen is fixed in place and the door swings inwards and outwards. This is made for easy and simple access to the shower and if you are struggling for space, it is probably for the best option.

For all your shower screen needs, as well security doors, timber doors and custom wardrobes, contact the team here at Canon Door & Shower Screens. We are ready to help you with all your shower screen options. Contact us directly today or visit us when you need too.